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Today's Not-So-Paperless Office

Although digital technologies have radically changed the way businesses manage documents, the need for print technology and paper records has not disappeared. Many forms and documents continue to require printing, filing, mailing, faxing and editing by hand—and those requirements are not likely to disappear anytime soon. A report from market research and consulting firm InfoTrends and... Read More >


Here's How to Cure Information Overload

The cure for information overload is to shift your efforts away from the action needed to learn a fact and toward the skill of storing and retrieving information. Read More >


Using Technology to Help End Poverty

To support efforts to bring millions of people out of poverty, Heifer International uses a content management system to help its staff make informed decisions. Read More >


E-Discovery Traps: How to Spot—and Avoid—Them

Responding to an e-discovery request without proper counsel and expertise can have a major financial impact and delay proceedings. Here's how to avoid blunders. Read More >


San Diego County Signs Up for E-Signatures

San Diego County turned to an e-signature solution to streamline its processes and introduce simpler and more efficient interactions for its citizens. Read More >


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