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Big Data Governance: 5 Lessons Learned From PRISM

Regardless of what you think of the NSA’s efforts to collect information on Americans, one fact is clear: Big data is real, it’s here to stay and it’s dangerous. Read More >


Document Management Links History and Efficiency

When Hampden County modernized its systems in late 2012, its document-viewing capabilities were affected, so it implemented an HTML5, browser-based viewer. Read More >


IronFist Plugs Into a Virtual Approach to Business

This small Web design firm leverages IT and the cloud to take its business to a higher level, enabling it to take an agile and modular approach. Read More >


Facilities Management Makes the Grade in Portland

Facility management software enabled the Portland Public Schools to evaluate its future space requirements and make better long-term planning decisions. Read More >


Boosting Productivity Across Global Teams

At Inmarsat, employees stationed in offices around the world can create, organize and manage documents from anywhere, boosting productivity for the global team. Read More >


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