11 Intriguing Facts About Windows

By Dennis McCafferty
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    Nitpicking Critics

    Nitpicking Critics

    Windows 1.0 was introduced on Nov. 20, 1985 as a graphical operating system for MS-DOS. Many critics felt it placed too much emphasis on mouse input.

Just when you've gotten used to Windows 8, get ready for yet another version of the operating system: After a public preview this fall, Microsoft anticipates releasing Windows 10 in mid-2015. It's expected to serve as the most enterprise-focused version yet, with a lot of emphasis on productivity-boosting business features. As a multiplatform product, it will run on PCs, tablets, Windows Phones and eventually the Xbox. Many users will be happy to learn that the original Start button and Menu are coming back. (Microsoft ditched both with Windows 8.) And the new version won't abruptly switch you from a traditional Windows layout to that funky app interface, because all programs will appear in the customary Windows setting we're all used to. You may wonder why Windows 10 isn't named "Windows 9." (Did Microsoft think we wouldn't notice?) Promising to transform the brand to align with the fast pace of consumer-driven technology changes, Microsoft points out that the number "10" represents "a whole new generation of Windows." So you can expect quicker, more incremental Windows releases now—instead of grand debuts—to mirror the way mobile apps get updated. Given the interest in this operating system, we're presenting the following 11 fascinating facts about the long line of Windows products—facts that were compiled from news accounts and online resources.

This article was originally published on 2014-10-17
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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