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Fannie Mae Gets Agile

The Federal National Mortgage Association uses agile development to accelerate software builds and engage in continuous development, integration and delivery. Read More >


Resort Integrates On-Premise and Cloud Systems

Vail Resorts transformed its complex compensation processes, saving time on calculations, and increasing employee and manager confidence in data accuracy. Read More >


What's Holding Up the Adoption of Containers?

In an era of growing IT complexity, the concept of software containers seems like a no-brainer: Partition your applications into virtual containers that tap the same operating system, and you gain agility, efficiency and additional security, while lowering costs and boosting performance. But container technology still needs to overcome some significant hurdles before adoption really takes off.... Read More >


How Web-Based Tech Drives App Development

Organizations expect to increase their investments in web-based technologies to enhance the efficiency and quality of their app development, according to a recent survey from Sencha. The resulting report, "The State of the Modern Web," indicates that web technology enables developers to support multiple browsers and screen sizes for both desktop and mobile app projects. Findings also report on... Read More >


Why Bad App Testing Drives IT Buggy

The vast majority of IT organizations frequently encounter bugs as a result of incomplete and/or flawed app testing, according to a recent survey from ClusterHQ. For some tech professionals, that's turning into a daily occurrence. As a result, development team members spend too much time debugging app errors instead of innovating. The leading causes of these issues include the presence of... Read More >


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