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Is Software Licensing at a Breaking Point?

It's no secret that software licensing has become a giant thorn in the side of both IT departments and the business in general. Not only is today's licensing environment incredibly complex and becoming tougher, it's also undergoing radical change. Virtualization, clouds, software as a service (SaaS), mobile apps and entirely new digital delivery models introduce both opportunities and... Read More >


DevOps Adoption Grows, but Results Fall Short

Digital transformation requires organizations and their IT departments to behave very differently, adopting new and unfamiliar methods for speeding software development and other essential tasks. DevOps—which first hit radar screens around 2008 and revolves around practices that involve communication and agility for software and IT development—has steadily evolved into a mainstream... Read More >


Why Companies Pay Plenty for Software Waste

Businesses worldwide are losing billions of dollars due to an excessive amount of software waste within the enterprise, according to recent research from 1E. The resulting report, "The Real Cost of Unused Software," states that the problem drives up hundreds of dollars in costs for every desktop user. Ironically, the tech industry falls within the top five of wasteful sectors, following education... Read More >


Benefits Company Puts DevOps to the 'TASC'

The Total Administration Service Corporation, a benefits administration firm, embraces DevOps to speed development, redefine IT and achieve competitive gains. Read More >


How App Complexity Hurts Employee Performance

A significant number of employees complain that enterprise apps are too complex to use, and the majority of IT decision-makers agree, according to a recent survey from Capriza. The accompanying report, "Complexity: Enemy #1 in Today's Enterprise," reveals that users expect tasks to take no more than a few minutes to complete on these apps. However, they get frustrated due to the need to conduct... Read More >


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