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A Guide to Making the Most of Windows 8

This brief guide identifies how to access and use some of the core features of Windows 8, while side-stepping potential pitfalls and making the most of this OS. Read More >


Tivo Records Business Gains With E-Signatures

Media firm Tivo turns to electronic signatures to transition from paper to pixels, and ushers in new efficiencies and cost savings. Read More >


HR Cloud App Helps Chiquita Manage Its Business

The company's cloud-based HR system enables it to make faster, better decisions about staffing and organizational structure, and to improve talent tracking. Read More >


AMC Gives a Thumbs-Up to Applicant Tracking System

The operator of 350 theaters uses an advanced applicant tracking system to script a better HR strategy. The result? Top-notch employees and happier customers. Read More >


Software Audits Consume Time and Resources

Beware of the dreaded software audit: Preparing for one seems to take forever, and the process of conducting the audit takes even longer, according to a recent survey from Express Metrix. What's more, a significant number of organizations have to pay tens of thousands of dollars—and sometimes a lot more---once an audit concludes. A big part of the problem is that software agreements have... Read More >


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