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Why Bad App Testing Drives IT Buggy

The vast majority of IT organizations frequently encounter bugs as a result of incomplete and/or flawed app testing, according to a recent survey from ClusterHQ. For some tech professionals, that's turning into a daily occurrence. As a result, development team members spend too much time debugging app errors instead of innovating. The leading causes of these issues include the presence of... Read More >


Why Developing Wearable and IoT Apps Is a Struggle

With mobile app developers and design staffers now working on multiple products at the same time, these professionals view the growing demand for wearable tech and connected device apps as a top current or future challenge, according to a recent survey from Kony. The resulting report, "Wearables and Connected Devices: The Next Frontier in Cross-Platform Mobile Development," indicates that the... Read More >


Unused Software Costs Companies Millions

A shocking number of the software applications acquired by companies are considered "waste," meaning they go unused for one or more months at a time—and sometimes longer, according to recent research published by 1E. The accompanying report, "Software Usage and Waste Report 2016," defines software waste as any piece of software that has been deployed to a desktop but is not being used. Such... Read More >


Software Helps a Nonprofit Bring Music to Patients

Music's healing sounds are what Musicians On Call volunteers bring to health care facilities—and software helps them reach more locations and more patients. Read More >


The 10 Best-Paying Cities for Software Engineers

If you're a software engineer, you can pretty much command a six-figure (or near six-figure) salary, on average. But this Glassdoor list of the 10 "best-paying cities for software engineers" points out that the size of a paycheck isn't everything. Think "location, location, location," as any realtor likes to say. By crunching and comparing the cost of living with median base salaries in every... Read More >


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