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How Poor Website & App Performance Can Hurt Brands

A majority of consumers said poor website or app performance will negatively affect their brand loyalty, according to a recent survey from Apica. The resulting report, "Digital Desertion: The Rise of Consumer Web and App Expectations and the Impact of Negative Experiences," reveals that a notable share of survey respondents said slow-loading pages and apps would cause them to never return to a... Read More >


Lack of Security Training Hinders DevOps Success

With large-scale cyber-attacks becoming more frequent, security is more critical than ever, especially in fast-paced DevOps environments. But software developers are not receiving the security training they need, impeding the evolution to DevSecOps, the practice of integrating security into software development and testing. That could have real impact on the productivity of businesses in every... Read More >


Low-Code Platforms Are Vital to Digital Strategies

The road to digital transformation is paved with more than a few obstacles. But one thing that's often overlooked—particularly with today's focus on highly agile and flexible IT infrastructures—is the need for efficient and streamlined software development. A recent report from business-management software vendor Appian and IT consulting firm Forrester Research, "Power Your... Read More >


Windows 10 Deployments Are Gaining Traction

While the majority of organizations have migrated only about a quarter of their systems to Microsoft Window 10 since the operating system was released more than two years ago, a growing number of companies plan to pick up the pace over the next year, according to a recent survey from Adaptiva. The accompanying "2017 Windows 10 Enterprise Impact Survey"  indicates that it's taking several... Read More >


Web App Problems Hurt Business & IT Pros' Careers

Nearly all quality assurance (QA) and development professionals deal with web app quality issues that hurt the business, according to a recent survey from Sencha. The resulting report, "The State of Web Application Testing," indicates that these issues occur at least monthly for most organizations, leading to customer dissatisfaction, reputational damage, greater inefficiencies and revenue... Read More >


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