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The 10 Best-Paying Cities for Software Engineers

If you're a software engineer, you can pretty much command a six-figure (or near six-figure) salary, on average. But this Glassdoor list of the 10 "best-paying cities for software engineers" points out that the size of a paycheck isn't everything. Think "location, location, location," as any realtor likes to say. By crunching and comparing the cost of living with median base salaries in every... Read More >


App Development Tool Increases Speed, Flexibility

Fast Mirror, a professional development firm, adopted a cross-platform development tool that has slashed overall development time by about 50 percent. Read More >


App Delays Frustrate Users, Cost Business Billions

Most business users experience frequent delays while attempting to use software apps at work, and that downtime is costing U.S. companies billions of dollars a year, according to a recent survey from Oxford Economics and Nimble Storage. The resulting report, "Mind the Gap: How Application Delays Affect Company Performance," indicates that a significant share of users waste more than one-tenth of... Read More >


Automated App Testing Drives Digital Success

To stay competitive, organizations are increasingly seeking to establish a strong presence in both mobile and Web platforms. In the process, however, most face challenges in attempting to deliver a reliable and consistent digital experience, according to a recent survey from Perfecto Mobile. The accompanying report, "Why Apps Succeed," states that the majority of businesses deploy a single... Read More >


Uber Drives Gains With Open-Source Development

The popular ride-sharing company adopts an open-source development platform to speed application coding and support more than five million trips per day. Read More >


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