Good Customer Service Rules the Online Experience

Good Customer Service Rules the Online Experience

Good Customer Service Rules the Online Experience

In-Person Preference  61% of online consumers spend more time going to stores, while 21% spend more time shopping on the Web.

Businesses are constantly attempting to solve the riddle of how to make the online shopping experience better for their customers—and more profitable for them. Fortunately, a recent survey from LivePerson indicates that this isn't exactly rocket science: It all comes down to people. Specifically, converting clicks to sales involves employing knowledgeable, friendly and helpful customer service representatives who are readily available at all times, findings show. The resulting survey document, the "Global Report on Customer Satisfaction Online", reveals that even among online consumers, a bricks-and-mortar shop still remains the preferred option. And when they're shopping online, customers expect prompt responses to their questions, or they'll give up on a purchase. That means today's organizations must continue to improve on their "people performance" if they truly expect to replace traditional purchasing methods. Nearly 6,000 online shoppers took part in the research.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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