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CEOs Want Strong Metrics on Marketing Activities

CEOs want marketing activities to be continuously measured and decision making to be based on metrics, so they can identify channels that convert the most sales. Read More >


Rationalizing the Sometimes Irrational Customer

Consumers can make emotional buying decisions, but analytics can help businesses better understand, and even predict, seemingly irrational customer behavior. Read More >


How to Provide World-Class Customer Service

Businesses must tune into customer preferences, attitudes and needs, and, ultimately, construct a framework that provides personalized, relevant communication. Read More >


Big Data Raises Big Privacy Questions

New research outlines the challenges and responsibilities relating to data privacy. Striking a balance between business requirements and consumers' trust is key. Read More >


An iBeacon of Hope?

The ability to beam location- and context-aware offers to people could help transform today's carpet-bombing marketing methods into a precision laser approach. Read More >


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