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Changing Your Business Into a Social Business

Social business requires new thinking, including an ability to view the organization in a flatter, more horizontal way and a willingness to change workflows. Read More >


Tools That Can Help You Create a Customer Culture

While four out of five companies claim that their customer support is "superior," only 8 percent of consumers agree. For organizations that can't deliver on expectations, the fallout is severe: Unhappy shoppers typically will share their experience with nine to 15 people, and it takes 12 positive interactions to make up for one unresolved negative one. Meanwhile, businesses lose $289 per year for... Read More >


Home & Land Integrates CRM and Analytics

A provider of marketing services to the real estate industry turned to a sophisticated approach to increase sales: analytics and a cloud-based CRM system. Read More >


How to Become a Business That People Hate

The American Customer Satisfaction Index ranks businesses on a 0-to-100 scale. A common denominator on the ones that got low scores is a disregard for customers.  Read More >


Data Analytics Helps Amnesty International Belgium

The international human rights organization uses data analytics to examine donor behavior patterns, tailor messages and gauge the effectiveness of campaigns. Read More >


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