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Big Data Raises Big Privacy Questions

New research outlines the challenges and responsibilities relating to data privacy. Striking a balance between business requirements and consumers' trust is key. Read More >


An iBeacon of Hope?

The ability to beam location- and context-aware offers to people could help transform today's carpet-bombing marketing methods into a precision laser approach. Read More >


Mobility Offers New Customer-Service Opportunities

A growing number of consumers are very receptive to the idea of pursuing customer service issues via mobile apps, according to a recent survey from Contact Solutions. However, the vast majority of customers continue to follow up on problems they have with products and services the old-fashioned way: with a phone call. This represents an unfulfilled opportunity for companies when you consider how... Read More >


How to Deal With Bad Customer Experiences

Enterprises are turning to the IT organization more frequently to help them improve the customer experience. Clearly, much of this is driven by social media: One badly handled phone call by a company service representative could lead to a scathing tweet or Facebook post that's sent out to hundreds or thousands of an individual's friends and followers. No business wants that. However, too many are... Read More >


Good Customer Experience Requires IT Innovation

With the information technology department gaining more visibility as an organizational business driver, the C-suite is turning to IT to assist in connecting with customers more effectively. In fact, corporate executives are coming up with a wide variety of ambitious plans on this front, and all of them are expected to involve technology, according to an international survey from IBM. The... Read More >


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