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Don't Sacrifice Goodwill for Good Data

The CVS experiment may cost the drugstore chain more than it bargained for—not just in lost sales for one week, but in the loss of loyalty among customers. Read More >


How Customer Expectations Pressure Companies

Thanks in large part to technology advances, enterprises are facing increasing challenges when it comes to meeting customer expectations, according to a recent survey from Lithium Technologies. With its real-time nature and its ability to connect customers directly with brands in a public forum, social media has given rise to a new consumer—one who expects responses immediately and demands... Read More >


LEGO Education Builds a Winning Marketing Strategy

The popular toy manufacturer deployed an automated solution integrated with its CRM system to boost its marketing capabilities and build a better sales model. Read More >


Georgia Aquarium Boosts Customer Engagement

The largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere turns to a more sophisticated marketing strategy to improve the customer experience for its millions of visitors. Read More >


Changing Your Business Into a Social Business

Social business requires new thinking, including an ability to view the organization in a flatter, more horizontal way and a willingness to change workflows. Read More >


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