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Rationalizing the Sometimes Irrational Customer

Consumers can make emotional buying decisions, but analytics can help businesses better understand, and even predict, seemingly irrational customer behavior. Read More >


How to Provide World-Class Customer Service

Businesses must tune into customer preferences, attitudes and needs, and, ultimately, construct a framework that provides personalized, relevant communication. Read More >


Big Data Raises Big Privacy Questions

New research outlines the challenges and responsibilities relating to data privacy. Striking a balance between business requirements and consumers' trust is key. Read More >


An iBeacon of Hope?

The ability to beam location- and context-aware offers to people could help transform today's carpet-bombing marketing methods into a precision laser approach. Read More >


Mobility Offers New Customer-Service Opportunities

A growing number of consumers are very receptive to the idea of pursuing customer service issues via mobile apps, according to a recent survey from Contact Solutions. However, the vast majority of customers continue to follow up on problems they have with products and services the old-fashioned way: with a phone call. This represents an unfulfilled opportunity for companies when you consider how... Read More >


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