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How IT Is Improving the Customer Experience

The vast majority of companies are increasing their investment in customer-focused technology, according to a survey from Glance Networks. From the top organizational levels to the rank-and-file, a groundswell of demand has emerged for new solutions that can help companies better serve customers while improving consumer engagement. Subsequently, business leaders are prioritizing investments in... Read More >


Innovation Affects How Consumers View Your Brand

While the general public feels that innovation is essential, most people asked said that these advances are happening too quickly, according to a recent survey from Edelman. The resulting "Innovation and the Earned Brand" study provides in-depth perspectives from global consumers about innovation and its impact on brand reputation. On the positive side, customers said innovation "opens the human... Read More >


Surf Air Uses CRM to Help the Business Take Off

This members-only private airline turns to a sophisticated CRM approach to track prospects and existing clients and use that information in a strategic way. Read More >


Customers Were a Key Focus at Dreamforce

A focus on empowering customers and improving their experience was evident at the conference, along with news about Salesforce's new Internet of things cloud. Read More >


Business' Holy Grail: A Great Customer Experience

The concept of customer experience is undergoing a rapid, radical transformation, and providing a consistent, satisfying experience for customers is paramount. Read More >


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