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What Customers Expect From Multi-Channel Support

Companies are falling short of customer expectations in providing multi-channel support, according to a recent survey conducted by Ovum for BoldChat by LogMeIn. The accompanying report, "Get It Right: Deliver the Omni-Channel Support Customers Want," reveals that customers are using at least five channels for support these days, and mobile apps are emerging as a popular resource. When inquiring... Read More >


Security Takes Shape at Market Cube

An online market research firm adopts a bot detection and mitigation solution to build a more secure business framework and protect customer information. Read More >


Getty Aims for Picture-Perfect IT System

The world's largest provider of stock photographs and other images improved IT services management, which trimmed customer response times from 15 minutes to 5. Read More >


12 Steps to Building Digital Trust

Weak ethical data practices can damage consumer trust in a brand, so companies must embed strong data ethics practices throughout decision-making processes.  Read More >


How IT Can Enhance the Customer Journey

In a perfect world, customers would pursue purchases from a store to a digital device to a traditional computer in a seamless manner, engaging with a company that is aware at all times of the customer's needs and preferences. But, so far, this ideal vision remains out of reach for most organizations, according to a recent survey from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and SAP Hybris. CMOs... Read More >


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