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Jiffy Lube Sells Customers With Visual Storyboards

A Jiffy Lube franchise turned to visual storyboard technology to strengthen customer relationships and make the sales process more transparent and streamlined. Read More >


Using Technology to Help End Poverty

To support efforts to bring millions of people out of poverty, Heifer International uses a content management system to help its staff make informed decisions. Read More >


How Predictive Marketing Technology Spurs Success

The majority of organizations have adopted predictive marketing solutions, according to a recent survey from Lattice. The resulting report, "The Predictive Journey: 2015 Survey on Predictive Marketing Strategies," reveals that most of the executives surveyed who are involved with predictive analytics said these solutions have delivered a positive return on investment (ROI). With this momentum,... Read More >


Insurance Provider Transforms Customer Service

Central Health Insurance adopted a software solution that offers intelligent workflows, improving customer service and reducing processing time by 90 percent. Read More >


Contexte Enhances Its CRM System's User Experience

A French media company improves its customer relationship management application in order to build a better user experience and boost its staff's productivity. Read More >


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