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Mobile Field Service App Pumps Up Efficiency

Westmor optimized service delivery, improved profitability and boosted customer satisfaction by mobilizing and automating processes and reducing redundancies.  Read More >


Business Embraces Customer Experience 2.0

As enterprises look to reinvent how they connect with customers and boost their brands, they are increasingly turning to mobility and social media technologies. Read More >


How to Make Customer Relationships Second Nature

The Sierra Club, an important, popular environmental organization, turned to CRM and advanced analytics capabilities to improve interactions with supporters. Read More >


Marketers Aren't Getting the Points

The problem with many loyalty programs is that most do nothing to engender loyalty. They simply serve up a steady drip of marketing offers and pseudo rewards. Read More >


Execs Clueless About Mobile Customer Experiences

Business executives often think they're doing a much better job of creating positive mobile experiences for customers than they actually are, according to a recent survey from Mblox. The accompanying report, "Identifying the Care Gap in Business-to-Consumer Engagement," reveals that consumers are very receptive to interacting with companies via their mobile devices. However, with virtually every... Read More >


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