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Bank of New York Base Case

By Anna Maria Virzi  |  Posted 2006-07-06 Print this article Print

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library helps the bank define, measure, track and investigate service outages. But does it improve service?

Bank of New York Base Case

Headquarters: 1 Wall St., New York, NY 10286
Phone: (212) 495-1784
Chief Information Officer: Kurt Woetzel
Financials in 2005: $8.3 billion in revenue, an increase of 16.9% from prior year; $1.6 billion in net profit, an increase of 9.1%.
Business: Provides investor, issuer and broker-dealer services. Its Pershing subsidiary offers clearing services.
Challenge: Identify, verify and analyze the cause of technology service disruptions.


  • Reduce the average monthly number of severe service disruptions, from 65 in 2005, by 20% in 2006.
  • Cut the monthly number of printer problems, from 500 in June 2004 to 100 this year.
  • Reduce the monthly number of password-related incidents, from about 2,600 in January 2005 to less than 1,200 in 2006.

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