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Even before its Compaq mega-merger, HP was quick to adopt XML database products to unite distributed Web applications. But can XML vendors build a market on early adopters?

Integrating Databases

Faced with data integration challenges? Here's how to make them manageable:

  1. Plan for change. There always will be more integration work to do. Be ready to move. XML databases, while not as functional as relational databases, are more flexible
  2. Keep hands off the data. Do an integration project at the Web level. Try not to mess with the underlying data or code
  3. Hire smartly. If you're thinking of using XML, make sure you have the right people and tools to do the job
  4. Take it step by step. Break the project down into pieces to attain integration expertise and a return-on-investment track record
  5. Choose partners carefully. Make sure your vendors will be around for the long haul

This article was originally published on 2002-06-11
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