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How to Improve Content Delivery to Your Customers

5 days ago | by Dennis McCafferty

While IT and other departments are fully committed to content initiatives, they admit that they're falling behind in adopting the latest in content delivery technologies to boost efficiencies and... Read More



  • CMS Boosts Museum's Online Traffic and Revenue
    As part of its digital transformation, The Henry Ford institution uses a CMS to create a strong Web presence that attracts visitors and generates revenue.
  • How Digital Strategy Gaps Hurt Customer Experience
    The vast majority of companies recognize that digital customer experiences (CX) represent a make-or-break proposition in terms of competitive differentiation, but digital strategy shortcomings are limiting their ability to deliver, according to a...
  • Banking on AI to Offer Better Customer Service
    Artificial intelligence enables virtual agents to learn by observation. That adaptive ability is what a Swedish bank is counting on to serve its customers.
  • How Marketers View the Future of Technology
    Marketing executives are commanding an ever-growing piece of the IT budget, so it makes sense to get their take on which technologies are getting their attention. But it turns out that their take is a bit conflicted. A recent survey of 620 marketers...
  • Data Breaches Affect Customer Loyalty
    Online security is full of holes, according to a recent survey of 9,000 consumers in the United States and 10 other countries. Most consumers who are active online—nearly six out of 10— believe they will be a victim of a data breach at...
  • Data Drives Healthy Results for Silverado
    A provider of health care services for the aged and memory-impaired adopts a more robust data framework to boost the quality of patient care and productivity.
  • Tech Drivers that Create a Good User Experience
    Only a minority of organizations are able to provide a very good user experience (UX), so IT and line-of-business leaders are turning to a number of emerging technologies to improve these interactions, according to a recent survey from UserTesting....
  • How Aging Commerce Systems Hurt Business
    The majority of B2B companies are still relying on tech-driven commerce systems that are at least two years old, according to a recent survey from CloudCraze. The resulting report, "The B2B Digital Commerce Imperative," states that the...
  • Creating a Digitally Driven Customer Experience
    While top marketing executives said their organization is making strides in collecting and processing customer-related data, they admit that they have a long way to go in developing the kind of digitally driven customer experience that's needed...
  • Chatbot & AI Help Mall Engage Guests, Build Brand
    Mall of America implements an intelligent engagement platform that incorporates artificial intelligence to help visitors customize their shopping experiences.

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