IaaS Landscape Will Undergo Major Changes

IaaS Landscape Will Undergo Major Changes

IaaS Landscape Will Undergo Major Changes

Downward Pricing Pressure Will Continue  A rush of IaaS newcomers battling for market share will give organizations a price advantage.

You can expect a number of both technology- and market-driven dynamics to alter the landscape of infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Pricing will come down. Merger-and-acquisition (M&A) activity will soar. And OpenStack, the cloud development collaboration effort, will push innovation toward new levels of hardware and IT service offerings. These and other predictions are revealed in a recent report from Constellation Research, "Nine Cloud IaaS Trends for 2014 and Beyond: An Overview of IaaS Trends That Are Here to Stay." In the report, author Holger Mueller lays out a well-detailed road map that will allow tech professionals to stay ahead of the curve. It offers keen insights to help IT pros evaluate and execute IaaS strategies for the immediate and indefinite future. Among the concluding recommendations: Assess your organization's cloud footprint. Come up with a game plan for the next three years that distinguishes future cloud functions from those that will remain on-premise. Get a realistic assessment of projected capital and operating costs needed to pursue this initiative, and target your vendor candidates accordingly. Finally, re-evaluate your IaaS deployment at least once a year. Mueller is a vice president and principal analyst for Constellation Research.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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