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How Clouds Are Reshaping Business and IT

By Samuel Greengard
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    How Clouds Are Reshaping Business and IT

    How Clouds Are Reshaping Business and IT

    While clouds help enterprises achieve remarkable speed and efficiency gains, they also reshape the role of IT and its relationship to line-of-business functions.

Over the last several years, cloud computing has eased its way into the mainstream of the enterprise, leaving almost no organization untouched. While cloud technology helps organizations achieve remarkable speed and efficiency gains, it's also reshaping the role of IT and its relationship with line-of-business functions. A recently released study from the Cloud Security Alliance and Sky-High Networks, "The Cloud Balancing Act for IT: Between Promise and Peril," offers some insights: "As data leaves the company data center for the cloud, IT is caught between delivering technologies to support innovation and growth in the business and securing sensitive data against proliferating threats." Among the key findings of the report are these insights: Companies are rapidly moving assets and functions into the cloud as confidence in it grows; security is at the center of any initiative, and it's on the minds of executives; and, surprisingly, many companies would be willing to pay a ransom to hackers to avoid having sensitive data made public. Here are some of the most intriguing findings of the study.

This article was originally published on 2016-03-02
Samuel Greengard writes about business and technology for Baseline, CIO Insight and other publications. His most recent book is The Internet of Things (MIT Press, 2015).
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