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Cloud Services Elevate the Profile of DevOps

By Tony Kontzer
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    Cloud Services Elevate the Profile of DevOps

    Cloud Services Elevate the Profile of DevOps

    The increased use of cloud services has brought with it unprecedented complexity, which has led directly to the growing profile of DevOps within organizations.

The widespread adoption of enterprise cloud services represents a double-edged sword: While this new generation of cloud platforms and solutions brings with it a wide range of business value, it also introduces significant complexity. This reality has led directly to the growing profile of DevOps within organizations as more hours are devoted to maintenance, monitoring and operations. In fact, a recent Intel data center survey, "The State of Enterprise Cloud Services," found that DevOps teams are spending the majority of their time on these lower-value activities. "Most enterprises are not leveraging sophisticated tools currently available that would decrease these hours by at least 50 percent and instead require a team's valuable resources to spend their time performing manual, tedious, time-intensive work," said Jeff Klaus, general manager of data center solutions for Intel. "If you don't see how advanced solutions free up your talent to focus on higher output tasks that look ahead on the product roadmap or impact the bottom line, you're really only doing a disservice to your enterprise." The report was conducted by Morar Consulting, which polled 204 IT executives, software engineers and DevOps decision-makers.

This article was originally published on 2016-12-23

Tony Kontzer, a Baseline contributor, has been writing about the intersection of technology and business for more than 20 years and currently freelances from Grass Valley, Calif.

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