Business Users Push Firms Toward the Cloud

Business Users Push Firms Toward the Cloud

Business Users Push Firms Toward the Cloud

Trending Upward  39% of organizations are implementing or maintaining a cloud solution—up from 28% in 2011.

Five years ago, managers and staff outside IT knew very little about the cloud. Today, however, they have far greater influence on how a company will adopt cloud computing, according to a  survey from CDW. Tech decision-makers are also conceding that employee use of cloud applications and resources at home is weighing heavily on future directions and strategies. Ultimately, this will lead to an elevated presence of the cloud in enterprises for the indefinite future, findings show, as the cost savings are too great to ignore. "Organizations' adoption of cloud computing has steadily increased, which comes as no surprise given the growth of mobility and the consumerization of IT," says Stephen Braat, general manager of cloud solutions at CDW. "By aligning cloud services with critical applications and the preferences of employees who use mobile devices, organizations can better capture business value, which includes cost savings, increased efficiency, improved employee mobility, and an increased ability to create innovative new products and services." More than 1,240 IT professionals took part in the research.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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