Cloud Computing Archives


From Chess to Cancer: Watson's Latest Challenge

The New York Genome Center and IBM are testing a Watson prototype that's designed to provide more personalized treatments for people with brain cancer. Read More >


Security Pros Must Protect & Advance the Business

Organizations need security teams to say 'no' to risky behaviors, but they also want them to say 'yes' to technologies that can drive business opportunities. Read More >


How to Deploy Safe, Effective Clouds

To achieve a successful cloud computing deployment, companies must shift their focus toward building a secure, trusted and audit-ready cloud environment. Read More >


HR Cloud App Helps Chiquita Manage Its Business

The company's cloud-based HR system enables it to make faster, better decisions about staffing and organizational structure, and to improve talent tracking. Read More >


Bridging the Cloud and Legacy Environments

Organizations are turning to a variety of integration workarounds as they attempt to move data between growing cloud environments and dwindling legacy resources. Read More >


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