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Most Companies Deploy Clouds but Concerns Persist

Almost all IT leaders view the shift from on-premises computing to cloud computing as a positive trend that is likely to accelerate in the coming years. But the growth and sprawl—having multiple departments deploy disparate hosted services—have left many IT executives and professionals feeling out of control and looking for consolidation. Those were among the key findings of a recent... Read More >


Trek Bicycle Shifts to Cloud-Based Mobile App

A mobile app running on a cloud platform streamlines the customer claims process for this bike maker and its dealers, saving all of them time and effort. Read More >


Aligning Cloud Strategies With Business Results

Enterprises that get things right with a cloud-centric framework that places a heavy emphasis on public clouds can transform and perhaps disrupt their business. Read More >


Expedia Travels Down the Collaboration Road

The online travel site deployed a sophisticated file-sharing and collaboration platform that enables its employees to access needed files anytime, anywhere. Read More >


The Ideal Cloud Environment Remains Elusive

For many companies, cloud deployment is routine—a standard operating procedure. The vast majority, in fact, have invested in multiple cloud environments. However, according to a recent survey from Dimension Data, very few organizations can deliver individual business functions throughout all these environments in a seamless manner—which is the idealized version of the hybrid cloud.... Read More >


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