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How the Hybrid Cloud Fuels a Competitive Edge

Most organizations are using a blend of traditional infrastructure and the cloud, and the ones that excel in maximizing these approaches are gaining significant advantages in cost savings, increased productivity and other ROI drivers, according to a recent survey from IBM. The accompanying report, "Growing Up Hybrid: Accelerating Digital Transformation," distinguishes companies into categories of... Read More >


CityMD Finds the 'Shadows' in the Cloud

The fast-growing urgent care organization needed to know which services and apps their employees were using to ensure that they comply with company protocols. Read More >


Helping Cardinal Health Fast-Track an Acquisition

The manufacturer and distributor of medical, surgical and pharmaceutical products used a cloud-based business management system to speed a major acquisition. Read More >


Retailer Takes a Stance on the Cloud and ERP

Cloud and ERP technologies deliver a highly flexible and scalable foundation that puts global retailer Stance in a good competitive position for the future.  Read More >


A Secure System for Indiana's Office of Technology

When the state of Indiana evaluated various cloud solutions for collaboration and sharing files, it selected the one that promised the most security. Read More >


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