Cloud Computing Archives


A Secure System for Indiana's Office of Technology

When the state of Indiana evaluated various cloud solutions for collaboration and sharing files, it selected the one that promised the most security. Read More >


Cloud ERP System Provides Real-Time Business Data

FloraCraft, a producer of foam products, implements ERP in the cloud to boost performance, access real-time data and deliver accurate customer orders on time. Read More >


Virtualization Helps Modernize IT Infrastructure

Rent-A-Center, a rent-to-own firm, uses virtualization and a software-defined approach to dynamically configure compute, network, storage and security resources. Read More >


How Clouds Are Reshaping Business and IT

Over the last several years, cloud computing has eased its way into the mainstream of the enterprise, leaving almost no organization untouched. While cloud technology helps organizations achieve remarkable speed and efficiency gains, it's also reshaping the role of IT and its relationship with line-of-business functions. A recently released study from the Cloud Security Alliance and Sky-High... Read More >


Directory-as-a-Service Tactic Aids Medical Centers

Nova Medical Centers, a provider of occupational medicine services, adopts a directory-as-a-service approach to improve business performance and security. Read More >


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