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Communications Systems Move Gradually to the Cloud

These days, almost everyone communicates via mobile devices, but communications and collaboration systems have been slow to move to nimble and mobile-friendly cloud architectures. Meanwhile, though users crave access to the features of a unified communications system, they remain confused about what UC actually is. Emboldened by their increased ability to deliver UC features, companies that have... Read More >


Cloud-Based Collaboration Drives Performance

The Berkeley Research Group, a global advisory and consulting firm, turned to a file-syncing and social collaboration platform to improve employee productivity.  Read More >


Gilt Shops for an Agile Storage Infrastructure

Online shopping site Gilt turns to storage-as-a-service to support agility, and to deliver high availability and high performance—all in a cost-efficient way. Read More >


Agency Uses Technology to Fight Child Exploitation

An organization that battles child exploitation adopts advanced technology to support information collection and sharing across global law enforcement agencies. Read More >


College of Music Orchestrates Success With APIs

Berklee Online, the continuing education arm of the Berklee College of Music, turned to an API platform to better connect IT systems with staff and students. Read More >


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