Cloud Computing Archives


Arts Center Hits a High Note With New HR System

By replacing a disjointed group of apps with a streamlined cloud-based HR system, the Interlochen Center saves time and money and improves service to employees. Read More >


Cognitive Computing Pricing Tool Protects Profits

The Ermes Group, a major retailer, uses a cloud-based price optimization tool to stimulate sales with tactical markdowns that don't hurt the bottom line. Read More >


Why Cloud Security Is Still a Concern

Over the past few years, clouds have drifted into the mainstream of business and technology. Today, virtually all organizations use clouds in some way, and many of them are adopting a cloud-first framework. But stormy conditions lie ahead. A February 2017 study conducted by Intel Security, "Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky: The state of cloud adoption and security," offers some intriguing insights... Read More >


Mid-Market Firms Use Tech to Be More Competitive

A majority of middle-market companies will spend up to 10 percent of their budget on technology, including product and service innovation and core technologies. Read More >


Engineering a Cloud-Based Storage Framework

Moffatt & Nichol, a global civil engineering firm, adopted a hybrid cloud storage system to make information easily accessible by workers in disparate offices. Read More >


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