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Miami Marlins Score a Hit With Cloud-Based Storage

A major league baseball club turns to cloud-based storage to manage and share huge video files. It improved performance, lowered costs and reduced demands on IT. Read More >


Initiatives Could Save Federal Agencies Billions

Cloud computing, diversification and virtualization are among the initiatives that federal agencies could deploy to save billions, while increasing efficiency. Read More >


Enterprises Vote for Private File-Sharing Clouds

Many enterprises have dabbled with public cloud file-sharing services—either by design or due to rogue adoption—and the verdict is in: These services are not up to snuff. Between the perceived security gaps and lack of enterprise-grade functionality of these public cloud services, a growing number of organizations have determined that a private or virtual private file-sharing cloud is... Read More >


Business Needs Better Insight from Cloud Providers

With more organizations adopting cloud business models via infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS), they're finding that they can't track user experiences and overall performance as well as they want, according to a recent survey from Compuware APM and Research In Action. IT organizations are facing difficulties troubleshooting, and some believe that co-located cloud... Read More >


Predictions on the 2025 Data Center

What will data centers look like in a decade? For starters, you can expect them to be smaller, as the vast majority of data center and telecom professionals expect these facilities to take up no more than one-half of the space they do now, according to a recent survey from Emerson Network Power. Plus, thanks to the expanded use of solar power and other green initiatives, data centers are likely... Read More >


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