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Cloud Update: Adoption and Transformation

It wasn't that long ago when cloud computing was more of a concept than an entrenched reality, but adoption rates are soaring, and the technology is rapidly going mainstream. A new report from Verizon Enterprise, State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud 2016, provides compelling insights into the direction organizations are taking in terms of cloud computing, and how the attitudes and thinking of... Read More >


ERP System Provides Flexibility and Security

Synalloy, a manufacturer of metal and chemical products, moved from using multiple ERP systems to one that helps it manage operations and aids in acquisitions. Read More >


Biotech Firm Deploys a Healthy Patient Platform

Shire implemented a sophisticated IT infrastructure to help patients learn about their condition, locate care providers and get reimbursed for their therapies. Read More >


Project Management Offers Visibility and Oversight

A public school system uses project management software to maintain 32 division projects, and organize, prioritize and estimate resources for 400-plus tasks. Read More >


Nested Virtualization Solution Saves Time & Money

Online gaming company 888 Holdings deploys a nested virtualization solution that operates on a pay-per-use basis, making it both economical and efficient. Read More >


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