Cloud Computing Archives


Software Helps a Nonprofit Bring Music to Patients

Music's healing sounds are what Musicians On Call volunteers bring to health care facilities—and software helps them reach more locations and more patients. Read More >


American Electric Plugs Into an Agile Framework

The transition to solar created both business and IT challenges for this electrical contractor, which then adopted a more agile, flexible software framework. Read More >


Managing Health Care Compliance in the Cloud

WellTrackONE, a risk management firm in the health care field, takes a prescriptive approach to compliance that supports encryption at rest in a hybrid cloud. Read More >


Lack of Automated Cloud Tools Hampers IT Teams

While most organizations are likely to increase their investments in the cloud over the next five years, IT departments currently struggle with a lack of automated cloud apps and infrastructure tools, according to a recent survey from Logicworks. The resulting report, "Roadblocks to Cloud Success," reveals that the vast majority of IT decision-makers are confident that their tech staffers are... Read More >


IoT Helps The Weather Company Customize Forecasts

Using sophisticated models that analyze data from around the world, The Weather Company provides high-resolution forecast models to localized areas. Read More >


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