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Volkswagen Group to Deploy OpenStack in Production

Volkswagen is leveraging internal IT expertise to build private clouds on top of OpenStack and the open-source Cloud Foundry platform-as-a-service environment. Read More >


Why Cloud & Virtualization Investments Will Grow

The vast majority of IT decision-makers surveyed said their company is planning to increase virtualized infrastructure investments over the next year, according to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of VMware. The study, "Accelerate Your Virtualization and Cloud Journey," indicates that most organizations intend to virtualize more than half of their workloads, but comparatively... Read More >


Cloud-First—Except When Performance Matters

Many companies have a cloud-first policy that hosts as many applications as possible in the cloud, but apps that are latency-sensitive are staying on premise. Read More >


Cloud and Mobile Synergy: The Impact on Automation

The combination of cloud and mobile-first development has changed the game for B2B automation, and the next wave of tech-driven productivity gains is upon us. Read More >


Managing User Access Is Key With Hybrid Clouds

Virtually all enterprises today have sensitive data and critical applications in the cloud. Providing employees and business partners with remote access to those resources without compromising security is a major challenge, especially as the number of users soars. Preventing a data breach and minimizing the risks created by having too many accounts with too much privilege are top priorities for... Read More >


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