Workers Put Off Job Hunting—for Now

Workers Put Off Job Hunting—for Now

Workers Put Off Job Hunting—for Now

Staying Put
80% of employees plan to stay with their companies for the next year, compared with only 35% who said that last year.

The vast majority of employees are staying with their organizations. This represents a sharp turnaround from the retention picture of 2011, according to a recent survey from Deloitte Consulting LLP. The resulting report, “Talent 2020,” reveals that companies are doing a better job of keeping professionals engaged. In fact, a great many workers say they've either received promotions or have taken on new roles or positions internally. That said, nearly one-third of employees say they're still not satisfied with their jobs, and those with key skills remain hot commodities in the competitive recruitment market. "Instead of addressing broad concerns over high turnover rates, employers now face a more targeted challenge," says Bill Pelster, principal and U.S. talent services co-leader at Deloitte. "Companies must adjust their talent management initiatives to focus on retaining employees with the critical skills required to advance their business in today's turbulent marketplace, as [these employees] pose the biggest flight risk." A total of 560 global employees took part in the research.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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