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What to Do Before and After a Job Interview

What to Do Before and After a Job Interview

What to Do Before and After a Job Interview

Before: Do Your Homework Find out everything you can about what the company does, its recent successes, industry challenges and culture.

The interview continues to be the essential make-or-break stage of any job hunt. At that point, you've already proven yourself on paper and now have to prove yourself in a face-to-face meeting. A great résumé is not enough: Employers are reluctant to hire candidates who appear uninformed or unprofessional during the interview—or seem to be a generally bad fit for the job and the organization. This means candidates must invest a good amount of time prepping for the interview in advance, and then initiate a number of smart action steps after it's completed. To provide some guidance, CareerBliss.com has come up with the following 11 before-and-after best practices for job interviews. They include everything from appropriate wardrobe to advance research to thank-you notes to well-focused follow-ups. And while the primary target of CareerBliss is new college graduates, the following advice translates quite well for any professional looking to land a new job. CareerBliss is an online company review and professional advice site that posts more than three million jobs and offers updates on industry salaries and  trends.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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