Top IT Jobs (and Salaries) for Men and Women

Top IT Jobs (and Salaries) for Men and Women

Top IT Jobs (and Salaries) for Men and Women

His Salary  $95,929 is the average IT salary for men, up from $90,771 in 2011.

On the surface, it looks as if there's a wide gap between men and women with respect to IT earning levels, according to the latest Dice salary survey. But a closer examination of the numbers reveals that the playing field is actually more level than you'd think. Compensation for men is higher because of the relative difference in experience, job position and education, according to a Dice analysis of the results. "When it comes to technology employment, it's a skills-driven marketplace," says Tom Silver, a senior vice president at Dice. "The ability to apply that know-how to a given problem remains the core of employment. It's why tech professionals get hired and how they are compensated." It helps that overall compensation satisfaction is pretty much even: 58 percent for women and 56 percent for men. However, although overall compensation has risen sharply since 2011, the percentage increases climbed much higher for men than for women. Along with some survey data, we're including the overall top four IT jobs, broken down by gender. More than 15,000 employed technology professionals took part in the research.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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