Ten Ways to Keep Moving at Work

Ten Ways to Keep Moving at Work

Ten Ways to Keep Moving at Work

1. Productive Meeting
Do small movements during meetings, like tilting your neck, flexing your feet, extending your legs, etc.

When you sit at a desk all day, you're inviting a variety of health issues. Staying in one position for too long puts constant pressure on individual parts of the body. A sense of discomfort kicks in, and muscle tension increases. You can also damage your blood circulation and decrease metabolism and energy levels—especially after one of those 3 p.m. "cake day" celebrations. Sports scientist Jack Groppel, working with Wellness & Prevention, has overseen research involving the incorporation of regular movement into the routines of employees, with participants indicating positive results. More than one-third, for example, reported high energy levels in the middle of the day. Overall, workers say they also increased engagement and focus. With this in mind, Groppel and other experts suggest these 10 ways to get moving during the day. Johnson & Johnson launched Wellness & Prevention to encourage a healthier and more productive workforce.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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