Ten Ways to Get a Big Raise

Ten Ways to Get a Big Raise

Ten Ways to Get a Big Raise

1. Stay Ahead of the Curve
If you're the first to suggest a tech solution that works, you add value as a trend spotter or evaluator.

Nearly half of workers cite salary as a major source of job dissatisfaction. If you're one of those employees, here's a relevant question: What are you doing to change the situation? After all, there are many ways to demonstrate distinctive value to the managers and executives in your organization. In fact, Janco Associates has recently released the following 10 steps you can take to justify a big raise during your next performance review. It's not simply a matter of showing up at the office on time and making nice with the bigwigs. It's about branching out far beyond your general job description and constantly coming up with new ways to demonstrate an ever-growing command of your industry. Yes, this takes a lot of effort, but the payoffs involve more than just a decent bump-up in pay. They will actually help you take control of your career and elevate your professional profile. Janco is now asking for participation in its eJobDescription 2013 Salary Survey, which you can access at https://novisurvey.net/n/SalarySurvey1301.aspx.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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