Ten Ways to Be Happy at Work

Ten Ways to Be Happy at Work

Ten Ways to Be Happy at Work

1. Less Is More
Working long hours doesn't equate to productivity. Increase efficiency skills, and you'll achieve better work-life balance.

Do you wonder what it takes to feel truly content with your job and career? It's a puzzle, as research shows that less than half of employees are satisfied at work. In fact, less than one-third of professionals consider themselves engaged, which is a key happiness driver. Given that you're spending most of your waking hours at work, it would be nice to actually look forward to going there, wouldn't it? To find out how, we turned to the experts at CareerBliss, a job-information hub that also dispenses advice and resources related to employee happiness. The following tips cover a range of common issues that lead to worker unhappiness, including stress, fatigue, co-worker conflict and upward mobility frustrations. By addressing these issues, you may feel better about yourself and also improve your job performance. Dissatisfied workers have been found to be less productive and innovative than happy ones: Six out of 10 engaged employees say that their job brings out their most creative ideas, compared with only 3 percent of disengaged employees.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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