Ten Signs You're About to Get Fired

Ten Signs You're About to Get Fired

Ten Signs You're About to Get Fired

1. Out of the Loop
Coworkers who once updated you on everything now don't share even important information.

With the employment picture remaining stagnant, you need to remain constantly aware of the classic trouble signs that often lead to a termination. For workers, the reversal of fortune can be so sudden that you could win that "Employee of the Month" plaque in August and get sent packing in September. So better to get the hint sooner rather than later. That would give you more time to prepare for a graceful exit. With that in mind, consider these 10 possible developments as a wake-up call that trouble is brewing, and it might be time to dust off your résumé and try to get out before you're thrown out. These signs are compiled from resources such as AskMen.com and Wisebread.com.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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