Ten Professional Networking Mistakes to Avoid

Ten Professional Networking Mistakes to Avoid

Ten Professional Networking Mistakes to Avoid

Quality, Not Quantity  63% of IT workers say the quality of their professional network is "very important" to their overall career success.

Do you find yourself going to one professional networking event after another, only to get very little out of your efforts? Sure, your e-rolodex now contains dozens or even hundreds of contacts that you'd never have otherwise. But if you fail to keep these connections active and productive, you'll reap few rewards from them. With this in mind, we present the following 10 classic mistakes of professional networking that focus on the quantity of your relationships, rather than the quality. In fact, recent research from Robert Half Technology reveals that IT professionals place far greater value on quality relationships. "Knowing someone professionally and being willing to go to bat for that person are two different things," says John Reed, senior executive director of Robert Half Technology. "You may have hundreds of connections, but if the relationships are superficial, your contacts may not be very helpful when you're seeking advice or assistance with a job search." More than 7,500 IT workers took part in this research. The networking mistakes were gathered from Robert Half Technology and TheWisdomJournal.com.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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