Ten Outdoor "Dream Jobs" for IT Pros

Ten Outdoor 'Dream Jobs' for IT Pros

Ten Outdoor 'Dream Jobs' for IT Pros

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If you weren't an IT professional, what would you do? We suspect that the summer weather is making it increasingly hard to stay happily in the office, and you may be fantasizing about working in the great outdoors. Maybe on the beach. Or in an exotic landscape. Or in a cool city like Hollywood or Vegas. Hey, there's nothing wrong with an occasional daydream. And here's the good news: These kinds of vocations aren't just the stuff of fairy tales. Many IT professionals do move on to second careers that have nothing to do with software programs, systems administration, malware or help-desk requests. With this in mind, Glassdoor presents the following "dream jobs," many of which are very summer-friendly. That's not to say that these occupations are necessarily cushy. In fact, they can be physically demanding, and each one comes with its own version of stress. (Sorry!) But they certainly represent a departure from the typical IT job. The list was compiled by the Glassdoor team, and it reflects positions that are posted on its online career/job-recruitment site.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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