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Software Testing Trends and Career Opportunities

By Eileen McCooey
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    Software Testing Trends and Career Opportunities

    Software Testing Trends and Career Opportunities

    Software testing is a vital part of nearly every business, and this report takes a look at the future of software testing and career opportunities for testers.

Software testing is an increasingly important part of nearly every business because of growing automation in many industries, as well as the need for an online storefront and mobile presence. It's critical to confirm that a software application's functions operate in conformance with their behavioral requirement specifications. To assess the state of the testing industry and its evolution, QualiTest analyzed hundreds of thousands of LinkedIn profiles of software testers from around the globe. It sorted the aggregated data by country, gender, job skills, education levels, titles and more. The resulting report, "The Global State of Software Testers," captures a snapshot of today's trends. Among the findings: Male testers outnumber females globally by almost two to one, China has the highest percentage of female testers, and the United Kingdom has the smallest percentage. The most testers work in the high-tech industry, with the majority of them involved with information technology services and computer software. In the manufacturing industry, a distant second, most testers work in the automotive sector. Large companies dominate the field: More than half the testing population works at companies with more than 1,000 employees. Taken together, the study's results give a glimpse into the future of software testing and career opportunities for testers.

This article was originally published on 2017-09-26
Eileen McCooey, a New York-based consultant and Baseline contributor, has extensive experience covering a wide range of business and consumer topics, including digital technologies and consumer electronics of all kinds.
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