Office Attire Divides the Workplace


There are considerable differences of opinion when it comes to what is appropriate attire on the part of professionals these days, according to a recent survey from Captivate Network. It could be a generational thing, or it could come down to a gender divide. Either way, the wealth of shorts, golf shirts, tight clothing, flip-flops and exposed tattoos makes many office workers uncomfortable—or at least distracted. Certainly, managers walk a fine line in attempting to enforce rules about "what not to wear" to work, a task for which there is no simple solution. "Office attire can be a major distraction for some employees," says Mike DiFranza, president of Captivate Network, a digital advertising company. "Companies must navigate the shifting definition of what's acceptable to wear in the workplace to minimize distractions without turning employees off with overly stringent policies." More than 600 professionals took part in the research.

Office Attire Divides the Workplace

Exposed Tattoos
45% of employees say they see tattoos at work; 61% of those over age 50 find it distracting.

Office Attire Divides the Workplace
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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