Never Ask These Questions During a Job Interview

By Dennis McCafferty
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    Never Ask These Questions During a Job Interview

    Never Ask These Questions During a Job Interview

    You can take yourself out of the running for a job during the interview by asking the following 10 questions, which can make you sound lazy or disinterested.

In an earlier slideshow, we shared recommendations about how to make a good impression during a job interview by being prepared to answer key questions that are often asked by employers. But there are also ways to make a bad impression at interviews. For example, you can dress inappropriately, treat people rudely, show up late or ask to leave early. You can also take yourself out of the running by asking any of the following 10 questions during a job interview. The questions cover a wide range of common interview topics, including salary, advancement, corporate culture and office hours. These subjects are fine to discuss with a potential future employer, but there are right and wrong ways to bring them up. In some cases, the questions are clearly wrong: They will make you sound lazy, entitled, self-centered and/or disinterested. Other questions aren't so obvious, but they still convey a lack of preparation or insecurity. So we're offering more acceptable phrases or strategies to the unsuitable questions, which were compiled from postings from career-themed sites, including LiveCareer and Glassdoor.

This article was originally published on 2016-11-03
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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