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Lessons You and Your Team Can Learn From Football

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 2014-09-15
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    Adjust to the Opposition

    Adjust to the Opposition

    Quarterbacks like Peyton Manning routinely "call audibles" at the line of scrimmage to come up with plays that work better against the way the defense has lined up.

There's a lot more to football than simply tossing the pigskin and dealing with countless on-field collisions. Though the sport does demand a high degree of athletic skill and a knack for "getting physical" with opponents, there are many intriguing dynamics that keep us fascinated with the game. They include the way organizational practices translate into success on the gridiron. It's not a coincidence that standout players and coaches are highly sought as motivational speakers for business audiences. After all, their experiences and insights are readily applicable to the modern workplace. For example, they can discuss in-depth the value of relentless focus, preparation, resiliency, emotional "fire" and in-game analysis, among other transferable qualities. Keep in mind that football players benefit as much from marathon planning and film sessions as they do from gym workouts and team scrimmages. And they remain devoted to professional self-improvement in order to be at their best when it matters most: game time. So, with a new football season upon us, we're presenting these seven lessons that you can apply to yourself and your team at the office.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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