Job Candidates Ask for More, and Many Get It

Job Candidates Ask for More, and Many Get It

Job Candidates Ask for More, and Many Get It

Hard Bargain
87% of survey respondents say job candidates have asked for benefits beyond what was offered.

Throughout this year, we've written about companies that are facing increasing competition to land top talent. Apparently, the word has gotten out among job seekers. The vast majority of hirers and HR professionals surveyed say that candidates are asking for more compensation and/or benefits during the interview and offer process, according to a recent global survey from SuccessFactors. And a significant majority of these hirers reveal that their organizations are willing to grant more pay and/or perks—at least in part. Men are more likely than women to seek more money, while many women prefer flexible working arrangements. And Gen Xers are far more likely to ask for an assortment of extra goodies, including a better job title and perks such as free lunches, massages and laundry services. The survey also sheds insight into the 21st century digital tools that recruiters are using to find and communicate with potential new employees. More than 1,530 hiring managers and HR pros worldwide took part in the research.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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