IT Salaries Are Going Up—but Not Enough

By Dennis McCafferty
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    IT Salaries Are Going Up—but Not Enough

    IT Salaries Are Going Up—but Not Enough

    While salaries for IT pros have increased in recent years, satisfaction with compensation has declined. As a result, many tech employees will seek a new job.

The average salary for U.S. technology professionals has risen significantly over the last five years, but IT employees' satisfaction with their paychecks has declined slightly over the same period of time, according to a recent survey from Dice. The resulting "Dice Tech Salary Survey" reports that merit raises and internal promotions are helping to drive up compensation levels. In fact, systems architects, security engineers and project managers can expect to make well into six-figure territory. And if you're an independent consultant, you can boost your earnings potential far beyond what your full-time counterparts make. Still, a significant number of IT pros anticipate leaving their employers for new opportunities this year, and the promise of better compensation remains the top motivator. The bottom line: The tech industry is moving at a dizzying pace, and employees who keep their skills up to date can often command top dollar. "Skills that were used a year ago may not be as prominent today; skills that are relevant today will evolve tomorrow," said Bob Melk, president of Dice. "This creates a marketplace where both tech professionals and employers must keep their fingers on the pulse of skills training and demand. The skills areas which garnered salary increases indicate where professionals and employers should focus their training and recruiting efforts." More than 12,900 tech professionals took part in the research.

This article was originally published on 2017-04-13
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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