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IT Pros Have Less Stress, Better Work-Life Balance

By Dennis McCafferty
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    IT Pros Have Less Stress, Better Work-Life Balance

    IT Pros Have Less Stress, Better Work-Life Balance

    IT professionals' stress levels are going down, and many expect to be accessible only during traditional working hours, indicating a good work-life balance.

Relatively few IT employees feel their jobs are stressing them out, according to TEKsystems' annual "IT Worker Stress Test and Work/Life Balance" survey, and a decreasing number feel obligated to remain accessible 24/7, indicating a good work-life balance. The majority of IT pros surveyed said they can take a vacation in which they "totally unplug," and a significant number of them said they don't monitor work-related communications or activities when taking time off. In fact, most IT pros surveyed said they will seek employment elsewhere if they feel their job has gotten out of control. Given that stressful work situations cause sleeplessness and other health-related issues, it's not surprising that the majority of survey respondents are willing to work for less money if it means more balance. "We've seen for some time that it's a seller's market if you're an IT pro," said Jason Hayman, research analyst for TEKsystems, "so [tech workers are] less likely to put up with a more stressful environment when they know the opportunity is out there to find something better, less stressful, even if it's for less money." More than 800 North American IT professionals took part in the research.

This article was originally published on 2017-06-08
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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