IT Hiring Market Heats Up for 2013

IT Hiring Market Heats Up for 2013

IT Hiring Market Heats Up for 2013

Staffing Plans
64% of survey respondents anticipate hiring more tech professionals within the next six months.

IT professionals may find themselves sitting in the driver's seat when it comes to the job market. The vast majority of hiring managers say they expect to increase tech staffing over the next six months, with many indicating that the increase in available positions will be "substantial," according to a recent survey report from Dice. That said, it's taking longer to fill jobs, due to continued challenges in finding the right candidates. Maybe that's why those receiving offers are leveraging their opportunity, often asking for more money and/or counter-offering the initial proposal. Overall, Dice reports that IT workers should interpret the results with what it calls "tempered optimism." Says Alice Hill, managing director of Dice.com: "There will be good job opportunities and there will be hiring. But we're expecting steady, modest growth—not a snowball gaining speed into an avalanche." More than 1,000 HR managers, recruiters, consultants and staffing company representatives took part in the research.

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