How to Quit Your Job With Class

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 2016-10-13 Email

All jobs come with some frustrations, and you may occasionally fantasize about quitting your job in a blaze of "I'm outta here!" glory. Given the intense demand for IT professionals with proven, difficult-to-find skills, you may feel confident in doing just that. Nearly two-thirds of IT data employees, for example, believe that it would be easy or very easy to find a new job opportunity, according to industry research. That said, even if you find a better opportunity with a new employer, you should never succumb to your worst impulses when leaving your current job. Instead, you should carefully consider the following guidelines on how to gracefully resign from your current job, as adopted from a recent article posted by Glassdoor. The guidelines cover everything from making the initial announcement to helping your team members make the transition to packing your office belongings. At every step of the way, it's critical to express appreciation to everyone who helped you get to where you are today—and where you're going. "Making the decision to quit a job is almost never easy," according to Glassdoor. "Whether you have been practicing your Jerry Maguire-style farewell monologue or the need to exit has been precipitated by unforeseen circumstances, leaving a job is filled with a lot of emotions for you and for the team you are leaving behind. But no matter the circumstance, there is a 'right way' to quit your job. Hint: It's not what Tom Cruise did in the 1996 movie."

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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