How to Deal With the Security Talent Vacuum

By Tony Kontzer
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    How to Deal With the Security Talent Vacuum

    How to Deal With the Security Talent Vacuum

    A lack of security talent is handicapping companies in their efforts to contend with threats and is costing them more money to uncover and mitigate the threats.

Whether a business is large or small, the likelihood is that it lacks the in-house IT security expertise needed to contend with cyber-threats on its own. A recent survey from security software-maker Kaspersky Lab indicates that a lack of security talent is not only handicapping companies in their efforts to contend with threats, it's also costing them a lot more money to discover and mitigate those threats. For its "IT Security Risks Special Report Series 2016" survey, Kaspersky polled almost 5,000 managers across a variety of industries and company sizes. It found that companies that feel comfortable with their IT security talent enjoy a huge advantage over those that are struggling on the staffing front. Veniamin Levtsov, vice president of enterprise business for Kaspersky, said security technology providers are affected by this because they are branching into helping clients develop and train in-house security talent, but that talent has to be part of a multipronged security strategy. "Sharing detailed research about attacks on other businesses, in the form of intelligence reports, is also necessary, along with actionable, machine-readable data about on-going threats," he added. "Solving the different challenges of threat prevention, detection, incident response and prediction requires a lot of flexibility and experience."

This article was originally published on 2016-09-21
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