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How to Convince Your Boss That You Deserve a Raise

How to Convince Your Boss That You Deserve a Raise

How to Convince Your Boss That You Deserve a Raise

Self-Assessment: Above and Beyond  "Have I continually stretched beyond the specifics of my job title?"

As reported previously, compensation for tech talent is going up. In fact, the average salary for IT workers was more than $85,600 in 2012, up from just under $81,400 the year before. And one-third of those employees received bonuses last year, averaging an estimated $8,640. So let's say you're a hotshot and the annual review is coming up, or that you've waited out a salary freeze long enough and it's time to stake a claim to a boost in pay. How do you assess the value of your contributions? And, once you do, what critical steps do you have to take to skillfully negotiate the  best deal with your manager? For advice, consider the following tips from CareerBliss.com, as compiled by contributor Mary Ann La Russa. Even if "working hard and working smart" is familiar territory, La Russa writes, many professionals remain in the dark about how to go about getting what they deserve. To ensure success, she says, it's key to put aside emotions and focus strictly on business. CareerBliss is an online job posting, company review and professional advice site.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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