Find Out If You're Paid Too Little or Too Much

Find Out If You're Paid Too Little or Too Much

Find Out If You're Paid Too Little or Too Much

Your Paycheck   Over the last 12 months, the average IT compensation package increased by 2%, roughly matching the hike in Social Security and Medicare.

Are you being fairly paid for your expertise, talent and years of experience? On the flip side of the coin, are you paying the going rate for your staff members—especially your top performers? Getting answers to these questions isn't always easy. In today's corporate world, salaries are often determined in a vacuum. And with the economy still sluggish, it might be difficult to easily figure out what you—and your staff—are really worth in today's market. You know what your salary was years ago, but the economy was better then. So, what should you be paid now? And what should you be paying your employees? Luckily, we might have an answer. The folks over at Janco Associates recently released a report, "2013 IT Salary Survey," detailing the average salary information for CIOs and IT professionals. The following information should help shed some light on the technology industry that will help you make decisions when it comes time to negotiate salaries—for both yourself and your staff.

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