Business Turns to Temp/Contract Workers

Business Turns to Temp/Contract Workers

Business Turns to Temp/Contract Workers

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67% of companies use temp or contract workers in some capacity.

If you're getting frustrated in your full-time career, you may want to consider an employment model as a temporary or contract worker. This arrangement has benefited both organizations and employees, according to a recent survey from Randstad. The resulting report, “Workforce360 Study,” indicates that the vast majority of companies have concluded that hiring temps and contractors keeps them flexible in unpredictable times. And these workers say the lack of a full-time permanent job doesn't hurt them with respect to responsibility or compensation. In fact, many serve in management roles or eventually latch on to high-level, full-time positions, according to survey findings. "The business model of the future will rely heavily upon the ability to be insulated from economic downturns," says Jim Link, managing director of human resources for Randstad US. "We live in a world now that rewards financial flexibility rather than fixed-cost business models. Agility and cost containment reign supreme." Harris Interactive conducted the research, which involved 225 HR managers and 2,035 employed adults.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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