Six Signs You Can`t Take It Anymore

Six Signs You Can`t Take It Anymore

Six Signs You Can`t Take It Anymore

47% of employees say they’ve considered leaving their jobs.

Employees are cracking under the pressure of increased workloads that come without reasonable additional compensation. Simple gratitude for remaining employed went a long way during the Great Recession, but recovery means more employees are no longer willing to settle for the status quo. Nearly half of workers surveyed are considering a job change, and more than one-third say they are over-stressed, according to two separate reports&#151one from MarketTools Inc., and the other by American Psychological Association (APA). It’s clear that bosses won’t be able to play the recession card if the economy continues to bounce back. “The recession&#151combined with the changing nature of work&#151may have forever altered the employee-employer relationship, but as a nation we can do better,” says David W. Ballard, the APA’s assistant executive director for marketing and business development. More than 450 Americans took part in the MarketTools survey, and nearly 1,550 adults took part in the APA research.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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