Eight Ways to Rate Your Boss

Eight Ways to Rate Your Boss

Eight Ways to Rate Your Boss

1.60 percent of workers say they don't feel that their bosses can do their jobs.
See also My Boss is Like Donald Trump. It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves from time to time -- could your boss do the job he or she gets paid to supervise, or is your daily routine beyond the capabilities of your manager? A solid majority of employees say the latter, according to a new Careerbuilder survey of more than 4,000 workers across the United States. And almost one-third of those surveyed believe they could do the boss’s own job better than the current occupant of the position. On a more positive note, sizable percentages of workers responding to the survey say their bosses are good at softer things like listening, or offering flex-work arrangements. But a large cohort says the managerial class needs to do a better job of providing feedback on performance, grooming workers for success within their organizations, and making sure that the rank and file knows the boss has got their backs in times of trouble. And if you are responsible for managing people on the job, how well would you rate yourself by these criteria?
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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