9 Reasons You're Not Getting a Promotion

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 2016-10-20 Email

Most people hope to get promoted on a fairly regular basis throughout their career. In fact, nearly four out of five professionals assess advancement opportunities when they're looking for a new job, according to research. But you can't avoid this truth: Getting promoted often involves far more than your talent, capabilities and experience. More than nine out of 10 bosses surveyed said favoritism plays a role in these decisions, and 56 percent said they already had a person in mind for a promotion even before they started formally reviewing candidates. It's clear that soft skills and overall personal comportment play a big role. For example, employees who form friendships with co-workers are 40 percent more likely to advance. Given this situation, we're presenting the following list of nine reasons you're not getting promoted, adopted from a recent article posted by Glassdoor. The reasons include everything from poor communication styles to shoddy work habits to office gossip and even dating. As a whole, the list reveals that there are a lot of ways to lose out on moving up. Fortunately, it's also easy to make adjustments to get past these career barriers.  

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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