10 Fastest-Growing Tech Skills for Job Openings

By Dennis McCafferty
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    10 Fastest-Growing Tech Skills for Job Openings

    10 Fastest-Growing Tech Skills for Job Openings

    Demand for technology skills is soaring, pushing compensation to new heights. This list ranks the skills that have the highest growth rates for job postings.

Demand for IT skills continues to soar, pushing compensation for technology professionals to new heights. Annual IT salaries averaged $96,370 in 2015, increasing by 7.7 percent over the prior year, according to Dice. The average bonus was $10,194, up 7 percent from 2014. Clearly, there are many opportunities within the industry, but do you know which skills are considered the "hottest of the hot" with respect to job openings? Look no further than the following list of 10 fastest-growing skills for IT jobs, which Dice recently compiled as part of its annual IT salary survey. The list ranks the skills that are getting the highest percentage increases for job postings at Dice.com. At the top of the list is Apache's Spark, which emerged as one of the world's most active open-source frameworks, drawing more than 1,000 contributors last year. Other skills on the list speak to continued demand for advancements in cloud, big data/analytics and project management innovation. At the same time, the Dice ranking reveals that some more traditional skills—particularly those covering electrical engineering and router-based needs—are also highly sought.

This article was originally published on 2016-05-12
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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