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Signs Your Management Cares About Employees

The numbers are troubling: A mere 13 percent of employees worldwide are engaged at work, according to Gallup. Of the other 87 percent, 63 percent are not engaged (they lack motivation and are fairly apathetic), and 24 percent are actively disengaged (they're unhappy, unproductive and likely to spread their negative feelings to colleagues). One of the best ways for managers to reverse those... Read More >


Experienced Project Managers Command Big Bucks

It's a good time to be a senior project manager, as organizations acknowledge that they face significant challenges in filling these vacancies, according to a recent survey from ESI International. As a result, experienced project managers are making nearly twice the annual salary of their novice counterparts. Given the circumstances, companies may consider hiring less-seasoned project managers... Read More >


Phrases You Should Never Include on Your Résumé

So you think you've written a definitive résumé? Well, don't hit "send" until you check it for the following overused résumé turn-offs, which were compiled by CareerBuilder. Job candidates have very little time to make a positive impression with their résumé. In fact, 68 percent of hiring managers spend less than two minutes reviewing a... Read More >


Workers Value Relationships More Than Their Career

What's love got to do with it? Plenty—at least when it comes to careers. Far from a "sweet old-fashioned notion," a serious relationship often takes priority over career considerations, according to a recent "WorkSphere" survey from Spherion. At least, that's how the vast majority of surveyed employees feel. Most of these workers said they are fine with allowing their careers to take a... Read More >


Questions That Smart Employees—and Bosses—Ask

It's possible that you spend nearly as much time with your boss as you do your significant other. Unfortunately, this isn't exactly quality time for many employees, as one-third of workers surveyed said they are "somewhat" or "very" dissatisfied with their relationship with their supervisor, research shows. Nearly two out of five employees said their boss is "somewhat" or "very" uncaring about... Read More >


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