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'Skilling Up' for a Project Management Career

There are four key skills that signal a change in the project management profession and help practitioners thrive in this rapidly growing field—which pays well. Read More >


10 Tech Companies That Are the Best Places to Work

To be considered a great place to work, technology companies understand that they need to provide more than good food, happy hours, free massages and Foosball tables. They must proactively build a corporate culture that embraces collaboration, professional growth, transparency and innovation. At least that's how countless employees have described the following employers, which rank in the top 10... Read More >


Why IT Employees Embrace Tech Automation

While automation and artificial intelligence (AI) sometimes cause a backlash because of the fear that they will replace IT workers, the vast majority of tech professionals express favorable sentiments about these technologies, according to a recent survey from arago. Most of the tech employees said automation frees up their time to focus on more impact-making projects, such as technology... Read More >


How to Alleviate IT Workers' Stress

IT is a stressful industry, but taking simple steps to reduce stress in the workplace can help IT pros do their best work, stay healthy and love their job. Read More >


The Nine Hottest Tech Jobs

You probably know that talented IT professionals are in great demand, but you may not know which tech jobs are the hottest of the hot. Look no further than this list of the top nine IT jobs, which was compiled from recent research published by CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists International. To come up with the list, CareerBuilder and EMSI examined the average number of people hired... Read More >


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