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How Social Media Behavior Can Hurt Job Candidates

Employers are increasingly turning to social media to screen job applicants, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. And tech hiring managers do this more than their counterparts in any other vocational category. Many recruiters will reject a promising job prospect if they find troubling behaviors displayed on social media, especially provocative photos, postings about drug and/or... Read More >


Why IT Admins Are So Stressed Out

A stunningly large majority of IT administrators report that they're stressed out, according to a recent survey from GFI Software. While stress levels are generally significant within a broad range of job categories, the IT admins surveyed said their level of stress is as high as, or higher than, that experienced by anyone in their circle of friends. The situation is getting so bad, in fact, that... Read More >


What Qualities Define a Successful Leader?

Having a good work attitude is considered the top attribute of organizational leaders, according to a recent survey from the Leveraging Genius Institute of Gap International. So, while you should certainly take pride in your technology knowledge, senior executives say that the presence of tech skills doesn't make as great an impact as having the right attitude and mindset. The findings primarily... Read More >


What Professionals Can Learn From 'Star Wars'

The "Force" is certainly with the Star Wars film franchise: The movies have grossed more than $4 billion, while toy sales have nearly tripled that. But, beyond big profits, the series has generated an enviable karma with arguably the most devoted fans ever—and many of them are IT professionals. With the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens scheduled for late this year, buzz... Read More >


Tech Firms That Offer First-Rate Employee Benefits

During the week, you spend most of your waking hours at work—49 hours on average for salaried workers—so smart companies are doing what they can to create a pleasant work environment and provide a good benefits package. Given the continuing intense level of competition for technology talent, a growing number of organizations are now providing enhanced benefits packages. To get a sense... Read More >


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