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Why Data Science 'Rock Stars' Earn Big Salaries

When they demonstrate their tech wizardry with mission-critical solutions, data science professionals place themselves in the driver's seat for lofty compensation packages, according to a recent survey from O'Reilly Media. The accompanying "2016 Data Science Salary Survey" indicates that today's data scientists in the United States are typically members of the six-figure salary club, as many... Read More >


How IT Will Drive the Next Generation of Workers

The vast majority of them haven't entered the workforce yet, but young people identified as "Gen Z" have already developed strong ideas about how tech will impact their careers, according to a recent survey from Monster. The accompanying report, titled "Move Over, Millennials: What You'll Need to Know for Hiring as Gen Z Enters the Workforce," indicates that most members of this generation feel... Read More >


What Employers Must Do to Land Tech Talent

As competition to recruit qualified technology professionals grows increasingly intense, a significant number of IT decision-makers reported that tech job candidates now expect a salary that is higher than the market average for their roles, according to a recent survey from Modis. The resulting report, "Tech Trends Survey: IT Leaders and the Employment Market," reveals that today's tech... Read More >


What's the Downside of Life as a Contractor?

Have you ever fantasized about being your own boss—cutting the chord to full-time employment to embrace the life of a contractor? If you follow through with such plans, you may find that taking the hired-gun route isn't always what it's cracked up to be, according to a recent survey from Deloitte. In fact, most of the contractors surveyed said they wouldn't choose to work independently in... Read More >


Why Employees Feel Empowered in Their Career

A majority of employees surveyed are open to leaving their current company, and a significant number are already looking for new work, according to a recent survey from Aon Hewitt. The resulting "2016 Workforce Mindset Study" reports that today's professionals feel empowered and ready to take control of their career. Most think of themselves as leaders, and many are very confident that they'll... Read More >


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