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Tech Tools Keep Workers Working Around the Clock

While today's professionals describe themselves as highly productive in the office, they're also constantly dealing with work matters during their personal time—including weekends, according to a recent survey from Workfront. The accompanying "State of Enterprise Work" report indicates that technology tools such as email and mobile devices that provide anywhere, anytime access represent a... Read More >


What Employers Must Do to Compete for Top Talent

The vast majority of workers queried would prefer to receive additional benefits and perks over pay raises, according to a recent survey from Glassdoor. The most in-demand benefits include better health care coverage and more time off. That's certainly a sign of the times, given the continuing national debate over health care and the ongoing concerns about the lack of work-life balance.... Read More >


Why IT Careers Are in Demand

Believe it or not, IT professionals are considered the folks with the cool jobs. In fact, the majority of non-tech employees said they'd consider a transition to an IT career, according to a recent survey from Robert Half Technology. Why? Well, in addition to the attractive salaries in technology, there's the promise of working on projects that invite innovation and intellectual stimulation,... Read More >


How Stressful Jobs Take a Toll on Your Family

When you're a parent, having a very stressful job is a double-edged sword: There's the negative impact of non-stop work pressures on you, plus the consequences these pressures have on your kids. Unfortunately, this is happening far too often, as most children surveyed said their parents bring job stress home, according to a recent survey from Project: Time Off. The accompanying report, "The Work... Read More >


Employees & Employers Face Challenging Job Market

It's an understatement to say that today's job market is volatile—and extraordinarily challenging for both employees and employers. Required skill sets are evolving, attitudes are changing and companies are struggling to keep up. Two new reports illuminate this fast-moving environment, but they also place a spotlight on both best practices and gaps in business and human resources practices.... Read More >


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