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Employees Give Their Managers High Marks

Want to hear some good news? The vast majority of employees actually like their bosses, according to a recent survey from Accountemps, a Robert Half Co. The resulting "State of the Manager-Employee Relationship" report indicates that the relationship is in great shape. Most employees said their manager is aware and responsive when it comes to the challenges they face. They also feel that their... Read More >


9 Ways to Stand Out During a Job Interview

While Baseline has reported extensively that IT professionals are in high demand for available job openings, it would be inadvisable to walk into an interview assuming that "I've got this one in the bag!" Expressing assertive confidence is a good thing, but arrogance and cockiness are major turn-offs. Candidates also need to know that every corporate job posting attracts about 250... Read More >


Data Scientists: A New Breed of Innovators

Data scientists will have to convert a growing volume of data into meaningful insights on a massive scale, sparking the need for next-generation data scientists. Read More >


How Meetings and Emails Hurt Productivity, Morale

Employees are spending a significantly smaller portion of their workday focusing on their primary job duties, and that's keeping them in the office longer, according to a recent survey from Workfront. While the vast majority of professionals surveyed said they feel productive, they also indicated that they're constantly getting sidetracked by useless meetings, excessive emails and unnecessary... Read More >


Never Ask These Questions During a Job Interview

In an earlier slideshow, we shared recommendations about how to make a good impression during a job interview by being prepared to answer key questions that are often asked by employers. But there are also ways to make a bad impression at interviews. For example, you can dress inappropriately, treat people rudely, show up late or ask to leave early. You can also take yourself out of the running... Read More >


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