10 Ways to Help Keep Your Job Under Control


Productivity tools and Web sites are more than a convenience; they've become an absolute necessity. The prevalence of social networks, virtual teams, global project groups and independent consultants who function as a core part of a team has driven an explosion in the development of productivity tools.

The real key seems to be whether the particular tool you're looking at makes it easier to work the way you already do. If not, forget it. You'll spend more time maintaining your organizational system than doing your actual work. Remember they're supposed to make your life easier, not make you dance to someone else's drum.

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Also remember, as tres-sharp productivity bloggers Chris Garrett and Yoav Ezer point out at Codswallop, just turning off e-Bay, CNN, ESPN, Google Alerts, personal e-mail and all the other online distractions that suck up your time like a dry sponge in a coffee cup will probably save more time than any of the tools listed here.


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