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Healthcare IT Fills Prescription

By Bill McQuaid  |  Posted 2010-04-08 Print this article Print

Parkview Adventist Medical Center is enjoying a number of benefits from its technology deployment.

The benefits Parkview has gained from the single sign-on and biometrics technology include the following: • single sign-on access to all critical applications
• faster, more convenient login/logout for users
• reduced IT support costs and resource requirements
• increased user productivity
• increased security through strong authentication with finger biometrics
• easy adoption and consistent enforcement of security policy
• compliance with data security requirements of HIPAA
• higher user satisfaction levels
• two-day deployment with minimal resource requirements.

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Bill McQuaid, the CIO and assistant vice president at Parkview Adventist Medical Center, is responsible for setting the center’s IT and security strategies, selecting vendors and implementing secure, cost-effective technology systems.
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