Eight Tips for Creating Bulletproof Passwords

Eight Tips for Creating Bulletproof Passwords

Eight Tips for Creating Bulletproof Passwords

Never use words found in a dictionary, even written backwards, in another language, or with a simple number following.
Strong passwords are an important way to protect your corporate and private data from theft – and to avoid joining the more than nine million Americans victimized by identity theft each year. Eugene Buyakin, COO of Kaspersky Lab, says he used to have a "throwaway" password that he would use for online services that weren’t important, or one-time only events. However, one day he “realized that the same throwaway password was being used on junk pages as well as sites like Twitter and Facebook,” he says. "A throwaway password never stays unimportant.” Darya Gudkova, head of content analysis and research for Kaspersky, also emphasizes the need for strong passwords. She recommends long passwords with a mix of different characters and letters. She also throws in several different languages to make her own passwords even tougher to crack. How do you create a bulletproof password that hackers can't crack? These tips from myID.com can help you and your employees set passwords that will keep your data stays secure.

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