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See the data behind the substantial rise in identity theft and data breaches from 2007—a record year.

The following are the lists of the top data breaches of 2007 within each of the major verticals.
High Education
Community College of South Nevada 197,000 Malware data leak
Stony Brook University 90,000 Erroneous Web post
East Carolina University 65,000 Network security lapse
University of California, San Francisco 46,000 External hacker breach
University of Colorado at Boulder, College
of Arts and Sciences
44,998 External hacker breach
University of Missouri 22,396 External hacker breach
City University of New York 20,000 Stolen laptop(s)
University of Nevada, Reno 16,000 Lost storage media
Ohio State University 14,000 External hacker breach
City College of San Francisco 11,000 Erroneous Web post
Secondary Education
Chicago Public Schools/McGladrey & Pullen 40,000 Stolen laptop(s)
Waco (Texas) Independent School District 17,400 External hacker breach
University of Michigan Clinics 8,585 Missing computer/laptop
Indianapolis Public Schools 7,500 Erroneous Web post
Tennessee Students 5,247 Erroneous Web post
Springfield (Ohio) City Schools 2,000 Stolen laptop(s)
Jackson (Ohio) Local Schools 1,800 Erroneous Web post
Cedarburg (Wisconsin) High School 900 External hacker breach
Clarksville-Montgomery County
(Tennessee) Schools
633 Erroneous Web post
Greenville County (S.C.) School District 500 Malware Data Leak
TJX 94,000,000 External hacker breach
Gap 800,000 Stolen laptop(s)
Neiman Marcus Group 160,000 Stolen computer(s)
Gander Mountain Company 112,000 Stolen computer(s)
Milwaukee PC 65,000 Erroneous Web post
Johnny's Selected Seeds 11,500 External hacker breach
The Home Depot 10,000 Stolen laptop(s)
Voxant 4,500 External hacker breach
KimsCrafts 4,500 External hacker breach
eBay 1,200 External hacker breach
Source: Identity Theft Resource Center
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This article was originally published on 2008-02-06
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