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List Toppers of Data Breaches 2

By Baselinemag  |  Posted 2008-02-06 Print this article Print

See the data behind the substantial rise in identity theft and data breaches from 2007—a record year.

The following are the lists of the top data breaches of 2007 within each of the major verticals.
Financial Services
Fidelity National Information Services/
Certegy Check
8,500,000 Internal data theft (digital)
Money Gram International 79,000 External hacker breach
MoneyGram 79,000 External hacker breach
JPMorgan/Chase 47,000 Lost storage media
Merrill Lynch 33,000 Stolen computer(s)
Western Union 20,000 External hacker breach
New Horizons Community Credit Union 9,000 Stolen laptop(s)
Jax Federal Credit Union 7,500 Unsecure data transfer
ABN Amro Mortgage Group/Citigroup 5,208 Erroneous Web post
American Education Services 5,184 Stolen laptop(s)
Health Care
Memorial Blood Centers 268,000 Stolen laptop(s)
St. Mary's Hospital 135,000 Stolen laptop(s)
Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Center of NY 100,000 External hacker breach
Pathology Group of the Mid-South 75,000 Stolen computer(s)
TennCare/AmeriChoice 67,000 Lost storage media
Johns Hopkins Hospital 52,000 Lost storage media
St. Vincent Hospital/Verus 51,000 Network security lapse
Sutter Lakeside Hospital 45,000 Missing computer/laptop
West Penn Allegheny Health System 42,000 Stolen laptop(s)
Group Health Cooperative Health
Care Systems
31,000 Missing computer/laptop
Dai Nippon Printing Company 8,637,405 Internal data theft (digital)
Administaff 159,000 Missing computer/laptop
Securitas Security Services 100,000 Stolen Computer(s)
Tax Service Plus 4000 Stolen Computer(s)
CTS Tax Services 800 Stolen Computer(s)
Technology & Telecommunications
SAIC 867,000 Unsecure data transfer
Kingston Technology 27,000 External hacker breach
ADC Telecommunications 2,600 Stolen computer(s)
Mercury Interactive (HP) 1,425 Missing/lost laptop
Palm 679 External hacker breach
Source: Identity Theft Resource Center
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