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See the data behind the substantial rise in identity theft and data breaches from 2007—a record year.

The following are the lists of the top data breaches of 2007 within each of the major verticals.
Federal Government
Department of Veteran Affairs (Ala.) 2,000,000 Lost storage media
Department of Veteran Affairs (Calif.) 1,800,000 Internal data theft (digital)
U.S. Transportation Security Administration 100,000 Lost storage media
U.S. Department of Agriculture 38,700 Erroneous Web post
U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command 16,000 Stolen laptop(s)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory 12,000 External hacker breach
Roudebush VA Medical Center 12,000 Stolen computer(s)
U.S. Marines 10,554 Erroneous Web post
U.S. Air Force 10,501 Missing computer/laptop
U.S. Coast Guard 6,200 Improperly discarded
paper documents
State Government
Georgia Department of Health/
Affiliated Computer
2,900,000 Lost storage media
Ohio State Employees 635,000 Lost storage media
Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensures 450,000 Unauthorized data disclosure
California Public Employees
Retirement System
445,000 Unsecure data transfer
Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation 300,000 External hacker breach
Texas Commission on Law
Enforcement Officers
229,000 Stolen computer(s)
West Virginia Public Employees
Insurance Agency
200,000 Lost storage media
Iowa Department of Education 160,000 External hacker breach
Georgia Department of Human Resources 140,000 Print mailing/distribution error
Connecticut Department of
Revenue Services
107,600 Stolen laptop(s)
Local/County Government
Chicago Board of Elections (Ill.) 1,300,000 Lost storage media
Davison County (Tenn.) Election Commission 337,000 Stolen computer(s)
New York City Financial Services Agency 280,000 Stolen laptop(s)
Los Angeles County Child Support Services 243,000 Missing computer/laptop
Fulton County (Ga.) 75,000 Improperly discarded
paper documents
Yuba County (N.M.) Child Support Services 70,000 Stolen laptop(s)
Fulton County (Ga.) Voter Registration 45,000 Improperly discarded
paper documents
Fresno County (Calif.) 10,000 Lost storage media
Baltimore County (Md.) Department of Health 6,000 Stolen laptop(s)
City of Columbus (Ohio) 3,500 Stolen computer(s)
Source: Identity Theft Resource Center
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This article was originally published on 2008-02-06
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