10 Security Risks in 2011

10 Security Risks in 2011

10 Security Risks in 2011

Using a Mac won’t keep you safe. Exploits will spread across operating systems, applications and Web browsers.
Your data is under attack, and the dangers are proliferating. How many different systems are running in your company? Between desktop OSes, server platforms and mobile devices, IT managers have a growing variety of devices to manage and keep safe from cyber-threats. And the cyber-criminals are growing ever more sophisticated and looking for every window in to your network. From legacy operating systems that no longer get security updates to cyber-criminals who are targeting the cloud, the landscape of threats is expanding. One growing threat is malware targeting users of social networks; more than 80 percent of malware on users’ systems comes through the Web, Trend Micro researchers found. Companies are responding. According to Baseline research (click here for article), about half of organizations surveyed on tech trends for 2011 said they planned to make “significant investments” in security next year, with many spending more money in 2011 than they did in 2010. Here’s our list of threats you and your network will be facing in 2011 and beyond.

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