10 Notorious Cyber Gangs


MORE CONTEXT: Often many groups are so shadowy that it is hard to know how many people are running the show or where they're operating. In these cases, researchers refer to them by the type of malware “payload” they are delivering to victims' computers. The Awola Crew, for example, has used its characteristic Awola rogue anti-spyware to bilk victims. The malware claims to scan the system for malware and then induces the user to buy a license to “remove” what it finds.

“Right now they're sending out a lot of spam trying to direct people to malicious sites acting like the link comes from MSNBC,” says Ken Dunham, director of global response for iSIGHT Partners. “They're directing people to these websites to download what appears to be Adobe software that installs adware, spyware or rogue security products that they try to get you to buy.”


For several years now, security researchers have warned enterprises and government organizations of the growing threat posed by organized cyber criminals. Online crime rings are fleecing organizations out of customer and employee personally identifiable information, stealing passwords, intellectual property and more.


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