10 Notorious Cyber Gangs


MORE CONTEXT: One of the most successful backdoor Trojans to come out of Asia, Grey Pigeon has been marketed, sold and implemented by crooks as early as 2003. Though the authors of this “remote administration tool” are not perpetrators of the theft of banking information, they put tools such as root kits, distributed command and control, key logging and more at the fingertips of criminals willing to pay for it.

“The site (selling Grey Pigeon) was shut down by its owners in March 2007, following the arrests of the W32/Fujacks authors,” wrote McAfee in a Feb. 2008 security report. “Security analysts worry that this group could be moving its operations underground, and will be even harder to track.”


For several years now, security researchers have warned enterprises and government organizations of the growing threat posed by organized cyber criminals. Online crime rings are fleecing organizations out of customer and employee personally identifiable information, stealing passwords, intellectual property and more.


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