10 Notorious Cyber Gangs


MORE CONTEXT: Not to be confused with the US agency that goes by the same three letters, this low-profile German gang operates under what Don Jackson of SecureWorks likes to call a “thick cloud of plausible deniability.”

“The NSA has been developing very scalable, very powerful internet banking Trojans; they're also doing original research and vulnerability discovery and not publishing it,” he says. “You see their fingerprints all over but you can never quite pin it on them because the scam's already over by the time you get to analyze and conduct and investigation.”

Don believes this small group poses one of the biggest threats to overall American cybersecurity of all of the cyber gangs.


For several years now, security researchers have warned enterprises and government organizations of the growing threat posed by organized cyber criminals. Online crime rings are fleecing organizations out of customer and employee personally identifiable information, stealing passwords, intellectual property and more.


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